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December 2015


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Help for

Customers / Buyers

  Customer enterprises inflict themselves with higher than necessary operations costs when they subject themselves to internal chaos in the mismanagement of vendor compliance programs.

 Vendor compliance sits at the center of supplier relationship management and supplier risk management.  Without a well-functioning vendor compliance program, the chances of promoting good supplier relationships will be very difficult and the opportunities to assess supplier risks will be problematic. 

Suppliers can be saviors in times of crisis.  Vendors should be as valued as customers.

Key Causes of Customer / Buyer  Disruption:


x Failing to write to your internal audience.

x Failing to write to your external audience.

x Not understanding your vendor demographic.

x Not training employees with the needed knowledge.

x Not being responsible for outsourced operations, e.g. EDI onboarding.

x Not solving internal issues before they are passed to the vendor community.

x Not enabling vendors to self-implement and self-help.

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I will help you by reviewing your supply chain software systems, your supply chain operations, and your vendor compliance documentation for areas where we can improve the external (and internal) clarity between your enterprise and the vendor community. 

 I will work with you to improve the relationship between your enterprise and your vendors.

 I will focus on cost reduction and increased compliance, suggesting internal improvements in the areas of software, technology, operations, and internal controls towards the goals of overall better trading partner relationships and the benefits this brings to all trading partners and their supply chain operations.

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