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December 2015


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Help for

Suppliers / Vendors

Yes, vendor compliance is difficult and can be costly, but when implemented thoughtfully it does not have to be either one of those.  In fact the upgrades to technology and changes to operations can have some very useful efficiency benefits of their own.

 I have been an advocate for vendor companies in various industries (e.g. retail, pharmaceutical, marine, electronics, publishing, government) with the vast majority of my experience in U.S. retail, the likely toughest and most complex industry of them all worldwide when it comes to vendor compliance.

 I have a detailed understanding of data and a comprehensive perspective of business operations.  I know how to transform data into meaningful information and use it competitively.  I have a track record with my clients of figuring out how to get more functionality out of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software than their software vendors can.

Key Causes of

Supplier / Vendor  Disruption:

x Not having executive management support for vendor compliance.

x Viewing vendor compliance as a cost, not as an investment.

x Not leveraging vendor compliance as a competitive advantage.

x Not leveraging vendor compliance initiatives for internal benefits.

x Not providing education and training for employees.

x Not understanding that “tradition is history” with regards to how things were done before in selling to top-level customers in the industry.

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I will help you by reviewing your existing situation and your desired goals.  We will discuss what makes sense for you to invest in for the now and for the future. 

 I will help you find and implement the right software solutions, including managing the project and ensuring the data gets converted and mapped correctly.

I will review your operations and ensure the necessary adjustments are made to be successful with your customer trading partners' requirements as well as what makes good common sense.

 I will train your employees, sharing my knowledge so they can take control on a daily basis.

 I will help you with data analysis and how information gathered can be used for competitive advantages.

 I will focus on cost reduction in helping you focus on chargeback control and increased compliance.

Suffering from excessive chargebacks or other financial penalties for non-compliance?

Struggling to be successful against your competitors and grow?

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