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December 2015


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Trade Associations

 NRF – National Retail Federation

 AAFA – American Apparel & Footwear Association

 IHA – International Housewares Association 

NMMA – National Marine Manufacturers Association

 NMDA – National Marine Distributors Association



 BISG – Book Industry Study Group

 EDItEUR – International trade standards development and coordination


Data Standards

 GS1 – The global standards organization for barcodes and manufacturer identifiers

 GS1-US – The US site for GS1, includes a barcode check digit calculator

 X12 – ANSI committee responsible for EDI standards

 ebXML – Organizes standards for XML


 NMFTA – Responsible for the carrier SCAC codes



 FDA – Sets standards for food and drug labeling; assigns identifiers for pharmaceutical manufacturers

 HIBCC – Defines barcode label standards

 HDA – Focused on supply chain distribution within healthcare industry



 FMI – Trade association representing food in retail


Useful (if unofficial) Lists

 SCAC code values

 EDI 4010 Guide


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