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December 2015


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Is Your Company

"Retail Ready" ?


Discover and learn in this six-part series of courses I developed when I consulted for the retail industry trade association.  Reviewed (not endorsed) by six retailers and the global organization for barcode standards prior to its release, these courses explain the technical and operational implications to a selling enterprise in its transition to retail vendor.

 An absolute must for any company that is considering selling to retail or is receiving chargebacks for non-compliance due to disruptive supply chain errors!


Click here for the course information guide (PDF version).

Retail Course Guide:

  1. An Executive Overview of Vendor Compliance

  2. Key Aspects of Vendor Compliance

  3. An Introduction to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  4. An Introduction To Barcode and RFID Label Printing

  5. EDI Integration Tips and Techniques

  6. Common Vendor Compliance Chargebacks and How To Avoid Them

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